WAP started in 2011 as a very small club of 8 young women who worked together to hold small gender equality awareness training programs in their community. The club aimed to promote women and girls’ leadership and capacity-building program with the goal of providing young women and girls basic knowledge by mentoring and coaching them to actively participate in the decision-making processes that affect their lives in their homes, families, work places, communities and in society. The program sought to provide gender and women’s rights training, raise awareness, and to promote advocacy and education.

In 2015 WAP partnered with the Women Self-Promotion Movement and was able to hold its very first training on women leadership and human rights. The main aim of this training program was to help socially and economically disadvantaged young women and girls broaden their perception of women’s roles as leaders in their families and communities by helping improve self esteem and leadership potential. It also promoted gender equality between men and women, leading to democracy and equitable development.

In 2016 and 2018 WAP held three “Give us Books Not Husbands” Child Marriage Abolition Campaigns. Two were held in 2016 and one in 2018.  The main objectives of these activities were to:

  • Mobilize communities for the elimination of child marriage in Zimbabwe
  • Inform local communities of the impacts of child marriage on young girls
  • Petition the government to allow the rule of law on cases concerning child marriage
  • Advocate for girl child education support by the government

On the same note, from 25-27 April 2018 WAP implemented a pilot “Stand up, Speak out” Youth Activism Training to End Child Marriage in partnership with Girls Not Brides UK. The main goal of the training was to test the “Stand up, Speak Out” youth activism manual which was still under construction, and to get insights and contributions from girls and trainers who participated in the event to enable its completion.

In addition, WAP was also able to implement a very successful women’s economic empowerment project in 2015-16 in Marondera, a small town located at about 72 km east of Harare. WAP supported a group of 40 poor women (widows and single mothers) with startup capital of 2000 broiler chicks to form an income-generating activity. Before the start up capital was distributed, WAP trained the women in Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership and Management Training to enable them gain the capacity to be able to manage their business.

WAP’s Ambassadors Against Child Marriage Program began in 2018, and since its inception 5 young women have been trained as Ambassadors in their communities to promote women’s rights, reproductive health, and economic empowerment.

Looking Forward

Our future plan is to see WAP becoming an established organisation with capable staff and programmes that are aimed at accomplishing its vision and mission both in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world. 

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