The Women Advocacy Project is a registered non-governmental, not for profit making trust for women empowerment. The organization was created in 2012 by a group of women from different communities of Harare. WAP was established after the realization of inadequate attention given to the issues that are affecting women and girls. The organization is committed to promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable and marginalized women and girls in communities through holding advocacy campaigns and lobbying for the right of voiceless. WAP also seeks to promote women’s socio-economic rights through the implementation of socio economic empowerment projects.

Our Objectives

    • To enhance women’s resilience to external shocks, engage in sustainable livelihoods, improved access to and benefit sharing of resources in Zimbabwe
    • To support women in establishing and accessing markets for their products and produce
    • To promote human rights and gender awareness through advocacy, training and exchange
    • To contribute to development research and publications  on women and children in Zimbabwe
    • To coordinate and network with other organizations with similar objectives in and outside Zimbabwe


Our Main Focus Areas

    • Human rights, gender, leadership and HIV/AIDs awareness
    • Capacity building, education, lobby and advocacy
    • Commemorations and networking
    • Women’s economic empowerment